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Looking to enhance the beauty of your home? You are in the right place! Jimenez Painting is the painting company in charge of adding color to your surfaces.

Residential Painting

Hiring our expert residential painting guarantees the results your house needs and that you demand. As such, we’re more than ready to help you to get the home of your dreams. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your home improvement projects. You and your home deserve the work of a professional company. Give us a call at Jimenez Painting and acquire the services of the best painting company in Park City, UT!

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coatings aren’t actually paint, however, the two terms are used interchangeably and refer to the same thing. Straight epoxy flooring paint is called a one-part epoxy, containing both acrylic paint and epoxy in the mix. These acrylic formulas allow for great customization in coloring and texture and dry like regular paint. Yet, the epoxy flooring offers additional resistance and durability to chemical stains like gas or oil, which is why they are popular for garage or workshop floors.


Chinking refers to a special caulking-like sealant applied to log cabins or homes, applied into the seams and creases of the logs for a multitude of reasons. Chinking is made from fine sand granules and latex polymers. However, unlike caulk that’s used for small cracks and crevices, chinking covers a much larger area; seven inches or more.

Excellent Painting Services in Utah

Choosing our painting company guarantees quality, professionalism, and affordable painting services, which always leave you satisfied. It is our job to beautify your property and do anything needed to fulfill our client’s satisfaction. For that reason, our painting company stands behind each and every project with our 100% guarantee! The special tools and painting products we count on allow us to cover any stained, scratched or damaged surface, which will guarantee to make your property look brand new and neat!

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Our painting company’s mission is to deliver the best painting services throughout the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, making all our customers experience what top-quality painting looks like, and ensuring their satisfaction.

Our painting company’s vision is to have our clients define us as the leading painting experts in Park City and the surrounding Salt Lake City area. We aim to uphold our reputation for excellence on every single project.

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