Choosing great painting contractors goes a long way for your project, whether it’s a residential painting job or a commercial painting need. You want to find somebody that does the highest-quality work first and foremost, but who also approaches the job with professionalism, communication and superior customer service.

These are pillars we here at Jimenez Painting built our painting company upon, making us the top choice for the people and businesses of Park City, Utah and the greater Salt Lake City area. When it comes to selecting a good painting contractor, there are some things to notice and prioritize, so we’ve put together our list of five things to look for when choosing painting contractors. Enjoy!

  1. Positive Reviews

One of the great things about the 21st century and the internet is the ability to find reviews left by previous customers, who can offer insight as to the quality of any company. Painting contractors are no different. You want to research what others have to say about the painting company and if they’re overall satisfied with the job. Take outlier reviews with a grain of salt and instead look for overall trends. At Jimenez Painting, we’re proud to have excellent reviews!

  1. Recommendations

While online reviews are an exceptional way to get a sense of a painting company and how well they perform, we still like to hear it from people we actually know. If you have any friends, family or coworkers who’ve recently used painting contractors in the past, ask them for some recommendations. If multiple people have great things to say, that’s likely a strong candidate for your painting project!

  1. Experience

Painting might seem easy from the outside, but it’s actually a very challenging industry that requires years of experience and knowledge to truly do properly, on time and on budget. Prioritize a painting contractor’s experience to ensure they provide quality results and can handle any obstacles that might arise. At Jimenez Painting, we’ve been in business for more than 20 years and only hire the best, most experienced painters available!

  1. Strong Answers

When you narrow down your search to a few painting contractors, talk to each and notice how they respond to your questions. You want them to welcome the questions and offer up detailed, thoughtful answers. This gives you an idea of their communication and how it will be throughout the project. Some recommended questions to ask include: 

  • Are you insured and bonded?
  • Do you have the proper licenses?
  • Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?
  • What products do you use?
  1. Detailed Estimate

Our last thing to look for from painting contractors is a detailed estimate for the project. Speak personally with the person who will perform the work, ask them questions we mentioned above and see if they’re right for the job. The cheapest estimate might not always be the best option. You want quality work for a fair price and to feel confident that the job is completed on time and on budget, with great communication throughout. But keep in mind, this is only an estimate, not a guarantee of the final price, which is why the communication factor is so important to your decision.

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Keep these things in mind and look for each. Do that, and you’ll find an excellent painting contractor for your commercial painting project or residential painting job. At Jimenez Painting, we know we rank well in each category, so do your research and contact us today for a free, detailed estimate!