When to Do an Interior Painting of a House? The Final Answer Is Here

It’s Time to Do an Interior Painting in Your House

One of the most common questions related to interior painting is how often you should paint the interior of a house? Well, the answer will depend on many factors. Most of these factors are décor based. For example, if the colors look dated, or even if you are a new resident and you don’t like the colors, the house is going to receive a new color sooner or later.

Today, we’re going to discuss the more interior painting of a house.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

As you know, kitchen and bathrooms are very busy rooms. Therefore, the most durable paints have to go there. Remember that the kitchen is the place where there is a lot of cooking and food preparation; so, you need a paint that can frequently be washed because of the number of gasses and drops everywhere.

Moreover, kitchens require a lot of preparation work before painting. On the other hand, the main problem with bathrooms and even laundry room is humidity and moisture. So, we recommend that every three to four years you should paint these parts of the house.

Living Room and Dining Room

Interior painting in these rooms tends to last longer. A reason is that people use this room quite often. But you might ask how this is possible? Well, a lot of the activity in these rooms tends to be more formal.

Therefore, it’s expected to be better painted. This includes more prep work. Also, people don’t change the color of these rooms frequently because draperies, plants, floor lamps and carpets can serve as a buffer. They make a significant change of décor and style for the rooms.

So, living room and dining room are painting every five to seven years.


Interior painting and children don’t get along. As it was expected, the paint job of an adult bedroom will usually last a long time. Moreover, bedrooms, as a rule, don’t see as much activity and don’t require frequent painting. However, the apparent exception is children’s bedrooms. These rooms suffer quite a bit of abuse from children.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use top quality paint with a higher sheen. Some parents paint a section of a wall with chalkboard paint. This encourages children to express their creativity, and hopefully leave the other walls alone.

The reality is that where kids spend a lot of time, wall paint will not last very long. So, maybe painting your bedrooms every two or three years will be perfect.

As you know, you can do your interior painting by yourself. However, if you want a professional hand; then, call our experts at Jimenez Painting. We take care of everything in your house.