Furniture staining or painting? Which is Your Best Option?

If you want to renovate an old piece of furniture, you need to consider either furniture staining or painting. It is essential to add a finishing coat that will give a touch of protection and beauty to your wooden pieces.

Leaving your furniture without a finishing layer is not always the best option. Of course, some types of wood are quite resistant, and they don’t necessarily need a finish. For example, hardwoods from tropical trees are pretty tough and durable. However, even tropical trees need an additional touch of protection.

Failing to provide a finishing coat will usually lead to wood warping, splitting, cracking, and even rotting. If any of the previously mentioned damages happen, recovering these pieces of furniture will require lots of time and money.

When it comes to choosing a coating solution for different types of wood surfaces, you can pick between furniture staining or painting. Here you will see some differences between them that will help you make a decision.

Furniture Staining or Painting? Which One is Better?

What are the Pros and Cons of Painting?


  1. You can be as creative as you want and choose your favorite color. Also, you can completely cover an old color, which means your options are wide open. Not always what looks good on walls does the same on wood furniture. Thus, you’ll have to make the right color choice.
  2. Some paints have the sole purpose of filling gaps and cracks. Paint is a thicker finish, so it can often be used for mending wood that is damaged.
  3. The paint is easy to clean. When it dries and cures correctly, it creates a hard shell that allows the water to wash away dirt from the surface.
  4. With paint, wood will be much more resistant to putrefaction, mildew, and sun damage.


  1. Painting is a good option that allows you to cover the surface of the wood completely. Nonetheless, it may not be for you if you want a natural wood look. While you can go from stain or sealer to paint, you can’t go back the other way without a lot of work.
  2. Paint hides the natural beauty of wood because it will completely cover the surface with a thick layer. In this case, if you had to choose between furniture staining or painting, staining will win.

What Staining has to Offer You?


  • The stain sealer maintains the natural beauty of your wood furniture, plus it lets the wood grain show through.
  • Stains are smooth coats that protect the wood without creating a very slippery surface. Even though there are a few that are slightly slippery, the majority are not.
  • The color of the stain will have a different effect on the wood when applied. We recommend doing a sample with your particular wood type to compare and reach the desired finish.
  • Staining has this natural “rustic” looking and darker color. Stains can be very uniform in appearance.


  • Staining has a shorter life span and may not last as long as paint. It will depend on the quality of the staining product.
  • If you need a solid color with minimal variation, and you don’t want to see the wood grain; then, staining may not be your best option.

We hope this advice helps you decide on your upcoming project. If you need more information about furniture staining or painting, you can give us a call. Jimenez Painting, LLC is fast, efficient, and experienced to accomplish the paint finish that you expect. Call us now and get a free estimate!