Applying a new paint coat to your house or business premises is like buying new clothes for you. Both provide better appearance and functionality.

So, when it comes to renovation projects, exterior painting is a highly efficient and economical way to give a more beautiful appearance to your buildings.

Here at Jimenez Painting LLC, we have more than 11 years assisting our residential and commercial clients, so there is not a single project that we can’t complete.

Our company offers durable, spotless, and economical exterior house painting services.

We know that you are looking for these three main benefits. Besides, we are always here to help you with everything you need regarding painting.

You can feel free to call us, and one of our charming team members will be ready and more than willing to assist you.

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Why is It Better to Hire Experts in Exterior House Painting Services?

Today, we’ll like to share with you our experience with Jacob.

Meet Jacob. He’s 28 years old. Jacob lives in Park City UT. He is married. Father of one. He works from Monday to Friday, and he had planned to paint his home exterior during weekends.

Jacob started to paint his house last weekend. He began by removing the entire old paint coat.

However, he only counted on a paint scraper to remove the paint. It took him so long that by the time he was getting ready to paint he was getting tired already.

He applied some brush strokes, but he decided to stop the job for the weekend, and go back with his family to enjoy the weekend.

Due to the lack of tools and experience on painting, he saw himself finishing the job in two more weekends.

He realized that he had no the time, equipment, and tools to perform a high quality and quick paint job. Thus, to avoid all the pain of the paint, he got in contact with us.

For his benefit, we offer exceptional exterior house painting services.

What Did Jacob Obtain from Us?

Excellent Preparation Job

First of all, our crew at Jimenez Painting LLC made sure that Jacob’s wall surfaces were in the best conditions before starting to apply any paint coat.

We know that a successful painting project relies on the right preparation project. Our team always does it all right from the beginning.

When helping Jacob, our experts removed old paint layers, dirt, mold, and stains using the latest tools and equipment.

Besides, our professional painters fixed all wall imperfections found in Jacob’s house. We did all of this with the single purpose to deliver the most beautiful and long-lasting paint job for Jacob.

The Job Was Done Fast and Safe

Hiring Jimenez Painting LLC for your exterior house painting services means that the job will be done fast and safe.

Working with Jacob wasn’t any different. Our team of exterior painters used the best tools and techniques to reduce the project time.

Meanwhile, we were working on his home exterior; he was devoting and enjoying time with his family.

We delivered a quick paint finish, but in a safe way. We never put at risk any member of Jacob’s family.

Also, our crew used the best protective wear during the job, and they have been trained and have the right tools to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Best Mix of Primers and Paints

We assisted Jacob getting the best primer for his exterior walls. We have a vast experience delivering outstanding painting services for more than 11 years, so we know everything that takes to produce spotlessly, eye appealing, and extremely durable paint jobs.

Boosted the Exterior Look of Jacob’s Home

After we finished our job, Jacob’s house exterior looked like brand new. The colors we applied helped to enhance the curb appeal of his home.

We put all our talent and passion to deliver the best paint job he could have expected from any painting contractor in Park City UT.


During the project, we did our best to keep our work area as clean as possible.

We used drop clothes to protect the floor and even the grass and some plants to avoid them getting some paint.

We know that it is of such a bad taste to make a mess in our clients’ home exterior. That’s why we are always careful.

Getting exterior house painting services from Jimenez Painting LLC, you can forget about the accumulation of messy flakes, chips, and debris. We’ll keep everything clean and neat.

Lasting Protection

We used high-quality paint to protect Jacob’s house. So, he will not have to worry about delivering a new paint coat for at least ten years.

We protected his exterior walls against harsh weather conditions, mold, mildew, smoke, snow, and moisture.

So, we deliver beautiful protection to his exterior walls. In the end, Jacob was more than glad about the job we did on his property.

Get in contact with us to know about the price of our services. We can make your home steal the spotlight in your neighborhood.

So, in short, we advise you to leave the difficult, stressful, and time-consuming painting job to us. We promise you’ll get in return beautiful and long-lasting protection to your walls.

When performing exterior house painting services, we make sure to deliver quality in every brush stroke. Make your home look in a different light with Jimenez Painting LLC.

After getting your new paint job, you’ll feel that every penny invested was worth.