Have you ever faced a tacky interior painting project? If you have, you can testify that this problem, in particular, is stressful and not a good time. After all, what you expected was a quality paint job that developed a hard surface- to properly cure. But now, what?

Now, if you are dealing with a tacky paint job and want to know how to dry it, you came to the right place. What you need to do is quite simple. Here is how.

Drying off Tacky Interior Painting is Easy

First things first, here’s the good news: learning how to dry tacky paint is actually quite simple. You will need some basic tools and materials before you get started though. The tools that you need are:

  • Fan
  • Dehumidifier
  • Heater
  • Talc
  • Sandpaper

If you have all of the materials listed, we can get started!

The Proper Steps to Drying off I Tacky Interior Painting

Step One

The first thing that you need to do is enhance air circulation that holds the tacky paint surface. For example, you can use a fan to increase air. You’ll be pleased to see just how much quicker paint can cure when the air is circulating correctly.

Step Two

Secondly, you will need to use the heater to increase the temperature inside the room. If you couldn’t access a heater, here is an alternative: use a flashlight and shine it brightly onto the surface. Surprisingly to many people, this method is excellent for curing the paint. Plus, it works just as well as a heater.

Step Three

Use the dehumidifier to decrease all humidity in the room which will allow the paint to dry.

Step Four

Spread talc all over the surface. Talc will help you eliminate all stickicness but this alone won’t help it dry.

Step Five

Sand the tacky surface.

How have you dealt with tacky paint? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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