2 Major Types of Paint for Home Interior & Exterior

There are different types of paint that work depending on the surface in which they are applied. Also, paints’ selection depends on the use that the owner of the construction will give. Therefore, it is important that painting contractors know the different types of paint that exist for interiors and exteriors in order to implement them in their projects. These are:

Traditional Types of Paint

Vinyl Paintings

It uses vinyl and synthetic thermoplastic resins to agglutinate its components. Besides, they are suitable for outdoor application due to their resistance to weathering, salt spray, alkaline, acids, and the action of the sun.

Plastic Paints

It is composed of vinyl or acrylic resins. They are washable, fast drying and with little odor. Moreover, they look good on wood and iron surfaces.

Synthetic Enamel Paint

It is composed of chemical resins and needs a solvent to be diluted and cleaned. Also, this type of paint is great to protect metals and wood. It needs a lot of drying time, but it is very resistant.

Water Enamel Paint

It includes water in its composition. For that reason, it is fast drying and has great ease of cleaning. It does not resist so much water and the incidence of the sun is therefore recommended only for interiors. It is used to apply wood, metals, walls, etc.

Anti-humidity Paints

It serves for places that are exposed to high humidity because they create a waterproofing barrier. Also, correct water spots.

Oil Paints

It uses oils or resins as a means to agglutinate its components. Its drying is slow and can be used for indoor walls and ceilings. In addition, they work for woods and joinery finishes.

Special Types of Paint

They serve for surfaces of new wood to which you do not want to give color. It also gives life to wood worn by use. It has a transparent finish with volumes that imitate the colors of the different woods.

Primer Paints
They help to give a base to virgin surfaces and prepared to receive the final painting. They cover slight imperfections that the surface and other antique colors may have.

Anti-condensation paints

They are vinyl type. These types of paint are perfect for rooms that have a lot of steam condensation like the kitchen and the bathroom.

Antioxidant paints

They are special for metal surfaces because they protect against rust. They do not need to be removed or diluted.

Vitrifying Paints

They are perfect to paint floors or stairs because they have resistance against wear.

Water Paints

They are synthetic resins dissolved in water. They are suitable for use in ceilings and interior walls because they cover the previous color very well.

Reinforced Emulsion paint

It is a special painting for exteriors. It is soluble, with a resin base and if mixed with mica powder a textured finish is obtained that is very resistant to the weather.

Structured paints

It is a type of thick paint that with a single brushstroke can paint the cover completely. It can be used to restore deteriorated walls and give a finish similar to that of the coating with a soft relief.


However, keep in mind that all paints must have these qualities: Good resistance to weathering and corrosion, good adherence to the object, neutrality to the substrate, color stability, good performance, decoration and being docile.

If you do not have these features, it is better to rethink about which and which brand is the ideal for your project. Also, make sure that it is in accordance with the budget that is available.

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